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Firefly Jewelry Studio

Mini-Firefly Necklace with Diamond in 18k Yellow Gold - Made to Order

Mini-Firefly Necklace with Diamond in 18k Yellow Gold - Made to Order

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Carry the Light with you where ever you go! This dainty mini-Firefly is made from solid 18k Yellow Gold and is set with a glittering diamond, ready to help you Light your way! Hangs from a delicate solid 18k rope chain. This special animal totem is the namesake of Firefly Jewelry Studio, and already a Firefly-Favorite! Each piece is made to order and will ship within one week.

Made from solid 18k Yellow Gold and hung from a delicate rope chain, with choice of chain length. 

Each Necklace is handmade especially for you upon your orders completion. Perfect for wearing on it's own or for layering.

Please allow 1 week for your necklace to be created for you - but faster service is likely! And please contact me if you need expedited service!

Comes with Gift Box. Standard shipping on orders over $65 to anywhere in the USA and Canada is FREE! ​

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Firefly Totem

Said to contain the Light of a thousand stars, the Firefly stands for Light and Illumination. Unassuming and ordinary looking during the daylight hours, the Firefly just needs the right circumstances to show their stuff, and literally shine! When dusk falls in the Firefly's habitat they turn on their charms and Light up the gardens and fields all over the world. They are a radiant and glittering display of nature's best work, and they harness the opportunity and power of the darkness to show what they're made of! They are inspiring and awaken a magic deep within each of us! And while this beautiful Light Show is fleeting as it only last a few seconds per flash and a few months out of the year, they remind us to grab the opportunities offered to us and to let our inner Light shine out for the rest of the world to enjoy. Because the world is waiting for the magic that you have within you - the magic and the Light that makes you, YOU!

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Metaphysical: Diamond

​Diamonds are known at "The King of the Crystals" being a symbol of the central "Sun" or Light of the solar system. This force is considered perfect and never needs to be cleansed nor recharged. It is a symbol of strength and resiliency in ones actions and instills confidence and trust in oneself. Diamonds activate the Crown Chakra and provides clarity and illumination through the haze in ones life and paths ahead. They stimulate the Light and Love within us all. 

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This pendant is set with a VS quality .05CTW F-G colored Diamond. These Diamonds are sourced from Canada to ensure that their mining practices are sustainable and ethical. For in-depth information about Diamonds, please read my blog posts: an overview, the sustainable and ethical sourcing of Diamonds, and The 4 C's

Choice of 16" or 18" Chain.

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