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noun  fire·fly  \ ˈfī(-ə)r-ˌflī \
Any of various winged nocturnal beetles (especially family Lampyridae)
​that produce a bright soft intermittent Light
Hi there, Light Seeker!
I'm here to help you find your Sparkle, Magic, and Inner Strength!

I know you remember the feeling of inner magic and strength from when you were little... When rainbows were magical and you could do anything as long as you had your favorite sparkly socks on! And I know about that longing to let it bubble up inside you once more making you feel like a kid again, with wide-eyed wonder and the feeling that you're invincible!
I make Limited Edition and One of A Kind jewelry to feed your inner child's need for magical connection, that you can wear every day to remind yourself about how powerful you actually are. Jewelry that harnesses the power of color and intention, jewelry that sparkles and glows, and yet uses elegant materials fit for the amazing adult you've grown into.
The Firefly is a symbol of Light, and of Magic. Magic that comes from nature, and inside you, and is real. They are a symbol of Illumination and of your Inner Fire! On the warm summer nights here in Madison Wisconsin you can walk out your back door and see a glittering display of nature showing off it's best work. Unafraid, and beautiful! It is my core inspiration for my jewelry collections! I want you to remember the Light you have inside of you!

A magical Light in the darkness of this world.
Each person's sparkle is unique! And you should let YOUR sparkle shine! 
My designs are inspired by Nature. Flora, Fauna, and Celestial Bodies, and the energy of Spirit and the Universe all appear here. I love to translate nature from rigid metal and stone, so that you can wear it and take it with you and be reminded daily that you are connected to everything around you. You should be reminded about how beautiful that is - and how beautiful you are - every day! ​
​                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               *
This is the totem my jewelry brings to you. You should be reminded every day that you are amazing, that you are worthy of the things that you want out of life, that you should dream big, and that you don't need to settle for less, anymore! You are the Light
With Love,
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"People are like stained glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in, their true beauty is revealed only if there is a light from within."   -Elisabeth Kübler-Ross
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