Happy July, everyone!
 July’s birthstone is the luscious Ruby!!! 

Burmese Ruby Bracelet by Harry Winston. Source: The Smithsonian

Burmese Ruby Bracelet by Harry Winston. Source: The Smithsonian


​Rubies are in the family of Corundum from which Sapphires come from. In fact, Rubies are actually a red form of Sapphire containing Chromium which gives them their light to blood red appearance. 


Sapphires and Rubies

Corundum comes in every color of the rainbow and for the most part are called Sapphires, including pink. But when a certain saturation of reddish color is achieved and the color changes from pink to red, the name is switched from Pink Sapphire to Ruby! Corundum also can move into the Phenomenal Gemstone category. If the layers of the minerals have grown together just right, Rubies and Sapphires can display what is known as Asterism, where a star with many points can be seen blooming out from the center of the stone and seems to float gently, moving with the light. Below is a Star Ruby!

A Star Ruby I had the pleasure of working with for a beautiful client.  
A Star Ruby I had the pleasure of working with for a beautiful client.
A Bushel and a Peck Pendant by Firefly Jewelry Studio 
The final Product. A gift for my client's wife. A Bushel and a Peck pendant!

Diamonds and RubiesRubies and Sapphires are considered what are known as Cardinal Gemstones. A long-lost classification for gemstones considered more precious than all others, and used in religious and royal ceremonies. Diamonds, Emeralds, Amethysts, Sapphires and Rubies make up the 5 Cardinal Gemstones. For more information about Sapphires, visit my earlier blog post here.


RubyRubies (and Sapphires) are a very hard and durable stone. At a Moh’s Hardness of 9 (Diamonds are a 10), Rubies are a wonderful choice for jewelry and rings set with Rubies can usually withstand normal every-day use, and making them an excellent alternative engagement or wedding band gemstone! 


Ruby Bracelet

Rubies are one of the world’s most sought after gemstones and some would say the most expensive! They hale from all over the world – Afghanistan, Australia, Brazil, Cambodia, Colombia, India, Japan, Madagascar, Namibia, Nepal, Pakistan, Scotland, Sri Lanka, Tajikistan, Tanzania, Thailand, and Vietnam, and the USA. In Europe, Rubies have been found in Macedonia, which is the only country in mainland Europe where natural Rubies have been found. And in the USA a small amount of Rubies have been found in Montana, North Carolina, South Carolina and Wyoming. 


The Hope Ruby
The Hope Ruby. Source: Stuller


The most beloved are the “Pigeon Blood” Rubies from Burma (now, Myanmar). Imports of Burmese Rubies were actually banned in the USA for quite awhile due to conflicts in the areas where they were mining them and only since the Fall of 2017 have sanctions been lifted and can we legally purchase them here in the USA again. However, the market is smaller as not as many large gem quality Rubies have been found in Myanmar in recent years, and buyers are tentative to start importing Rubies from this region due to fear that the conflicts are truly not over. Both issues keep prices very high.



Rubies are known for stimulating the Heart Chakra and helps one to dig deeply to find ones true values and wisdom of Self. Helping to balance Yin and Yang, Rubies are thought to induce stability in ones life and practices, be it financial, emotional, and spiritual, using love and nurturing to the soul. They encourage you to “Find your bliss” lighting the dark spots in ones life and sparking creativity and change to better ones awareness and manifestations of clarity. A stone of protection, they are an excellent shield from psychic attack and encourages gentle energy away from violence. 


Famous Rubies:
Carmen Lúcia Ruby At 23.10 carats, and in Pigeons Blood Red, the Carmen Lúcia Ruby is the largest faceted ruby in the National Gem Collection. Source: The Smithsonian.
Liberty Bell Ruby Weighing 4 Pounds, or 8,500 Carats, and set with 50 Diamonds, The Liberty Bell Ruby is the largest mined ruby in the world and is valued at $2 Million dollars. It was found in east Africa in the 1950’s and carved into a mini replica of the Liberty Bell. In 2011 it was stolen from Stuart Kingston Jewelers during a heist and the ruby has never been recovered. Source: Wikipedia
The Graff Ruby The Graff Ruby Ring is the previous record holder for most expensive ruby. Sold in 2014 for $8.6 million, this Ruby comes in at 8.62 carats and is a cushion cut Pigeon’s Blood Burmese Ruby. Image Source: Graff Diamonds
Rosser Reves Star Ruby The Rosser Reves Star Ruby is considered the best and largest quality Star Ruby known. It weighs 138.7 carats and is from Sri Lanka. Rosser Reeves, for whom this gemstone has been named carried it around as a lucky stone, calling it "his baby". He donated it to the Smithsonian in 1965. Source: The Smithsonian.
Queen Elizabeth's Ruby TiaraQueen Elizabeth's Ruby Tiara, commissioned in 1973 from her collection of 96 Rubies given to her by the people of Burma as a wedding present. Rubies signify protection from evil and bad health in Burmese Culture. Source: Tumblr
If you'd like to read more about Ruby Tiaras, The Royal Order of Sartorial Splendor has a fascinating and very inclusive blog post all about Dutch Royal Ruby Tiaras.

I hope you have enjoyed learning more about Rubies! They are so beautiful and their red is un-mistakable! Have a wonderful July, everyone! 

Lots of love,

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