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White Australian Opal Ring in 24k Gold and Sterling Silver with Lily Band. Size 7.25

White Australian Opal Ring in 24k Gold and Sterling Silver with Lily Band. Size 7.25

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This lovely White Australian Opal's fire is subtle and elegant indoors, but take it outside in the sun and see the stone really glow and cast it's colors! Set in 24k Bezel and backed with sterling, it has been attached to a Firefly Signature Lily Patterned Band. October's Birthstone!

Capturing an Opal's fire is sometimes hard to do so there are quite a few images here to look at, but nothing beats seeing this elegant beauty in person!

Comes with Gift Box. Standard shipping on orders over $65 to anywhere in the USA and Canada is FREE! ​

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Metaphysical: Opals

Opals are an amazing stone! In the "Phenomenal Gemstones" category, no two opals will be exactly alike. Some are sliced in half to create mirror images of each other, but there will still be slight variances in color, play, and depth. 

Opals are most well known to magnify your own traits and characteristics. This can help one to address any issues with such attributes should any be seen as less than positive and holding one back, with self-love and understanding. Opals are also very well known to help one recognize and harness the creativity and inspiration that lies within each of us! One source states that Opals are the "stone of happy dreams and changes" meaning that the recognition of your inner self, creativity, and potentials can foster change towards bettering your life through beautiful change from within. Opals have been used to awaken psychic abilities and harness the mysticism of intuition and insight, gifts of which can push one towards greater understanding of ones self both in the physical and sacred forms of being!

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  • Size 7.25
  • Opal: 10x12mm Freeform Cabochon
  • Opal Source: Australia 

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